The Black Gods of Ancient Egypt

Discover your true History with these accurate Depictions of the Ancient Egyptian Gods. Black and Beautiful. Learn the history of the Ancient Kemetic People. Never wonder again the purpose of your Gods and Goddess.


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How to Worship Ancient Egyptian Gods. The Ceremony of Ma'at

"I'm high as the Sun" -Ma'at 

It is well known and documented that All major and miner modern day religions have some, if not all of their origins from the Ancient Egyptians. This is just one of those recently re-discovered jewels translated from the Papyrus of MerriAmen. Use wisely.

"The Sun gives way to night" she whispers in my ear. Her fingers snap with a silent thunder as the many incense she has around her spark to life. I smell the sweet smell of Kaneh Bosem in the air. 

Ma'at has been growing this ancient plant since the beginning of time. This plant is used to give all wisdom to those who seek truth, justice, and righteousness. With wisdom came over-standing, so she gave the plant to her husband Thoth who enlightened mankind. 

"Ma'at, where are you taking me?" I asked. "I have something I want to show you in my Garden" she replied. "Come Djehuty... lets play" We walked for hours that night along the Great Nile. The moon took up most of the sky, and the great Osiris hung low enough to touch. Ma'at started to sing in a low methodical voice.

- This is the Ceremonial song that is sung during the Ceremony of Ma'at. Not to be confused with the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony! 

After the burning of the Kaneh Bosem. One sings this song at the foot of Djehuty to receive all Wisdom and Knowledge. Burning the Kaneh Bosem at the foot of Djehuty allows you to perform the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony on the Physical Plan. If you perform well in front of the Neteru, you will be allowed to see if your heart is currently as light as a feather.

Ceremonial Song:
"Dua Neteru Ma'at Kheru"

Neteru are high above the Heavens,
Gave us Powers to form Creation.

Neteru are high above the Heavens,
Gave us Powers of Manifestation.

Give our Gods the Highest Praise, 
Acknowledge them All in our Ways.

Let All our People Say-

Dua Neteru Ma'at Kheru  x4

Rain clouds covered the moon as we arrived at her garden. "So what do you have to show me?" Ma'at turned around methodically and then began to walk slowly towards me. She Blows a smoke full of Kaneh Bosem up my nose. "Thoth, I want to show you the Future."

The Ancient Ceremony of Ma'at is performed by burning the sacred plant Kaneh Bosem under the Celestial Pattern of Osiris. Sing the ceremonial song "Dua Neteru Ma'at Kheru" and you will then be giving access to your ancestors. They will perform the rites of passage on you. If you perform well, you then will be allowed to stand in front of the Goddess Ma'at and perform the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony. If your heart is as Light as the Feather, you will be giving Knowledge of all things.

When you arrive to perform the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony, remember to greet the Great Goddess with a smile, clear heart, and open mind. Hotep Melanin.

Lyn Newkirk Lyn Newkirk Author

Powernomics - How to Practice Solo Economics in a Digital World

While being broke and woke in the conscious community, you understand the need for SOLO economics. You understand you have to get your hustle on because you can't and wont try to leave a job to your grandchildren . Day in and out your chasing your dreams and you know what needs to be done.  However being short on time, behind in the economic race, and lacking the Group Powernomics mentioned by Dr. Claud Anderson. What can you do?

Here are ACTIONABLE steps you can take today to start building generational wealth? These battle proven tips can start building income for you.  Lets focus on the three pillars of wealth. Real Estate, Investing, Entrepreneurship, courtesy of Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Pillar 1: Real Estate

Getting into Real estate with little funds is possible.You can do this without a license. The old fashioned way is with bandit signs and a lot of foot work. Your actualy just a middle man or with Real estate Wholesaling. An easier way to do this from home is with a website called Happy investor. It list properties that you can buy from desperate sellers.  It also shows properties under appraisal and by equity!

Also a great place to invest in Real estate is with Roofstock. You can own properties that are already bringing in CASHFLOW. Fundrise is great to. It's a Real Estate Investment Trust that allows you to invest in residential properties. Ebay is a great place to find cheap land for sale and Tax Liens. But if your low on funds, try Rich Uncles. You can start investing in Reals estate and have your dividends paid out monthly.

Pillar 2: Investing 

Investing may be scary but its a MARATHON. You can start the race and let your children or grandchildren win the race! Acorns is a great place to start. $5.00 dollars a day starting at 21 will change your children's life. You have an option to have a Roth IRA with them as well. Stocks are always a good investment. I like IPOs. At the time of this writing High Times is offering shares of there company for $11.00 before they go public. 

And Coca cola is a great dividend payer as a long term investment. Would you prefer being your own private bank? Do it with Whole life insurance. Whole,not Term! With Whole life insurance the policy appreciates in wealth. It also allows you to borrow against the policy without losing the money you invested! This is one of many secret methods how the super rich  grow there wealth.

Pillar 3: Entrepreneurship

Ready to get paid? If your ever bored, and want to make a quick $500-$1,000 fast? Grab a piece of cardboard and a sharpie and lets go to the hood.

Write on your sign "FRSH OUT-TRYING TO COME UP" It works. It actually works to good. DISCLAIMIER You will possible, most probably, i'm pretty sure you will get drugs along with money. 

Anyway, have you ever heard of Teespring? Its a company that allows you to print on demand Teeshirts and other products for free. A great way to make extra money. 

If you have a big following on social media you can sell other peoples products as an Affiliate or a middle man... i.e. Go to Etsy and find a product that you like that fits what your posting on Instagram. Screen shot or save the pictures, without showing any information were the product came from. Post it on IG with the 30 hashtags.

When people message you sell it to them for a higher price. Send them a Paypal invoice, then go to Etsy and purchase the product and send it to them. That easy.  

My favorite way to make money online is with Kindle publishing. You can publish your own books and get paid monthly. No writing needed. You can go to Fiverr and get Ghost Writers. 

However you can copy and past blog post or articles and make those into Word Docs with Google online for free.

 Now you can put a book up everyday on Amazon in about fifteen minutes and get paid monthly. One more tip to build wealth is to make your own product. 

This can be copy and pasted to but the trick is to use a website like JVZoo or Warrior Plus to host your products. This allows other people to sale your products as affiliates and work for you. This is the biggest secret the gurus are not telling you about Affiliate Marketing and it can all be done for free.

Now that you got some Powernomics tips which one do you plan on doing first? The Panhandling LOL? Here is $5.00 start an Acorns account. Either way let us know in the comments below and share if you found out something knew so someone else can too.

Lyn Newkirk Lyn Newkirk Author

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