Powernomics - How to Practice Solo Economics in a Digital World

While being broke and woke in the conscious community, you understand the need for SOLO economics. You understand you have to get your hustle on because you can't and wont try to leave a job to your grandchildren . Day in and out your chasing your dreams and you know what needs to be done.  However being short on time, behind in the economic race, and lacking the Group Powernomics mentioned by Dr. Claud Anderson. What can you do?

Here are ACTIONABLE steps you can take today to start building generational wealth? These battle proven tips can start building income for you.  Lets focus on the three pillars of wealth. Real Estate, Investing, Entrepreneurship, courtesy of Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Pillar 1: Real Estate

Getting into Real estate with little funds is possible.You can do this without a license. The old fashioned way is with bandit signs and a lot of foot work. Your actualy just a middle man or with Real estate Wholesaling. An easier way to do this from home is with a website called Happy investor. It list properties that you can buy from desperate sellers.  It also shows properties under appraisal and by equity!

Also a great place to invest in Real estate is with Roofstock. You can own properties that are already bringing in CASHFLOW. Fundrise is great to. It's a Real Estate Investment Trust that allows you to invest in residential properties. Ebay is a great place to find cheap land for sale and Tax Liens. But if your low on funds, try Rich Uncles. You can start investing in Reals estate and have your dividends paid out monthly.

Pillar 2: Investing 

Investing may be scary but its a MARATHON. You can start the race and let your children or grandchildren win the race! Acorns is a great place to start. $5.00 dollars a day starting at 21 will change your children's life. You have an option to have a Roth IRA with them as well. Stocks are always a good investment. I like IPOs. At the time of this writing High Times is offering shares of there company for $11.00 before they go public. 

And Coca cola is a great dividend payer as a long term investment. Would you prefer being your own private bank? Do it with Whole life insurance. Whole,not Term! With Whole life insurance the policy appreciates in wealth. It also allows you to borrow against the policy without losing the money you invested! This is one of many secret methods how the super rich  grow there wealth.

Pillar 3: Entrepreneurship

Ready to get paid? If your ever bored, and want to make a quick $500-$1,000 fast? Grab a piece of cardboard and a sharpie and lets go to the hood.

Write on your sign "FRSH OUT-TRYING TO COME UP" It works. It actually works to good. DISCLAIMIER You will possible, most probably, i'm pretty sure you will get drugs along with money. 

Anyway, have you ever heard of Teespring? Its a company that allows you to print on demand Teeshirts and other products for free. A great way to make extra money. 

If you have a big following on social media you can sell other peoples products as an Affiliate or a middle man... i.e. Go to Etsy and find a product that you like that fits what your posting on Instagram. Screen shot or save the pictures, without showing any information were the product came from. Post it on IG with the 30 hashtags.

When people message you sell it to them for a higher price. Send them a Paypal invoice, then go to Etsy and purchase the product and send it to them. That easy.  

My favorite way to make money online is with Kindle publishing. You can publish your own books and get paid monthly. No writing needed. You can go to Fiverr and get Ghost Writers. 

However you can copy and past blog post or articles and make those into Word Docs with Google online for free.

 Now you can put a book up everyday on Amazon in about fifteen minutes and get paid monthly. One more tip to build wealth is to make your own product. 

This can be copy and pasted to but the trick is to use a website like JVZoo or Warrior Plus to host your products. This allows other people to sale your products as affiliates and work for you. This is the biggest secret the gurus are not telling you about Affiliate Marketing and it can all be done for free.

Now that you got some Powernomics tips which one do you plan on doing first? The Panhandling LOL? Here is $5.00 start an Acorns account. Either way let us know in the comments below and share if you found out something knew so someone else can too.

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Beautiful Black Women of 1910

This group of Black girls posed for their portrait in Sacramento in 1910. At that time, middle-class Black women who were supported by their husbands and did not have to work were generally very socially and politically active, whether fighting for Blacks' civil rights or organizing to keep the Black community together. Employment opportunities for Black women in 1910 were generally limited to domestic work, whether in a private home or in an institutional capacity. The one notable exception was when Black women with higher-level educations or from middle-class backgrounds had the opportunity to attend college and study to become teachers.

While women and African Americans have often had common political interests, the alliance of their movements has not always been easy. The prioritizing of competing goals, racism within the women's movement, and the pressures exerted by southern white women to block African American women's participation all produced many moments of friction and estrangement from 1848 to 1920.

The first legal opportunity for both African Americans and women to vote came in New Jersey, where the original state constitution granted the vote to anyone who had fifty pounds of property. Many widowed or unmarried women, some black men, and at least one black woman are recorded as having voted in local elections between 1780 and 1807. (READ MORE)
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The first God on Earth was the Black Woman

There is really know debate when it comes right down to it. When your born the first thing every person reaches for is their mothers nipples.Did you know that ALL women can have a baby without a man? Due to a Bulbous gland that produces spermatozoa that is located right next to he women's ovaries. Amazing, yes the black woman is god and so much more.

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Complete list of Kemetic Gods & Goddesses

 Hotep Fam. Here is a complete List Of Kemetic Gods & Goddesses. Feel free to share.

Aker –
A god of the earth and the horizon[3]

goddess who devoured condemned souls[4]

A scribe and architect in the court of Amenhotep III,
later deified for his wisdom[5]

A dangerous underworld god[5]

A creator god, patron deity of the city of Thebes, and
the preeminent deity in Egypt during the New Kingdom[6]

 Female counterpart of Amun and
a member of the Ogdoad[3]

A war and fertility goddess, originally from Syria,
who entered Egyptian religion in the Middle Kingdom[7]

A god of war and hunting[8]

god of embalming and protector of the dead[11]

A goddess of Egypt's southern frontier regions, particularly the lower cataracts of the Nile[12]

  • Apedemak – A warlike lion god from Nubia who appears in some Egyptian-built temples in Lower Nubia[13]
  • Apep –
A serpent deity who personified malevolent chaos and was said to fight Ra in the underworld every night[14]

A live bull worshipped as a god at Memphis and seen as a manifestation of Ptah[15]

A warrior goddess from Syria and Canaan who entered Egyptian religion in the New Kingdom[18]

  • Aten – Sun disk deity who became the focus of the monolatrous or monotheistic Atenist belief system in the reign of Akhenaten[19]
  • Atum –
A creator god and solar deity, first god of the Ennead[20]

Sky and storm god from Syria and Canaan, worshipped in Egypt during the New Kingdom[21]

Goddess represented as a cat or lioness, patroness of the city of Bubastis, linked with fertility and protection from evil[26]

  • Bat – Cow goddess from early in Egyptian history, eventually absorbed by Hathor[27]
  • Bennu – A solar and creator deity, depicted as a bird[28]
  • Bes – 
Apotropaic god, represented as a dwarf, particularly important in protecting children and women in childbirth[29]

  • Buchis – A live bull god worshipped in the region around Thebes and a manifestation of Montu[30]
  • Dedun – A Nubian god, said to provide the Egyptians with incense and other resources that came from Nubia[31]
  • Geb –
An earth god and member of the Ennead[32]

  • Ha – A god of the Libyan Desert and oases west of Egypt[33]
  • Hapi –
Personification of the Nile flood[33]

One of the most important goddesses, linked with the sky, the sun, sexuality and motherhood, music and dance, foreign lands and goods, and the afterlife. One of many forms of the Eye of Ra.[34]

Frog goddess said to protect women in childbirth[38]

A major god, usually shown as a falcon or as a human child, linked with the sky, the sun, kingship, protection, and healing. Often said to be the son of Osiris and Isis.[41]

  • Hu – Personification of the authority of the spoken word[42]
  • Iah – A moon god[43]
  • Iat – A goddess of milk and nursing[44]
  • Ihy – A child deity born to Horus and Hathor, representing the music and joy produced by the sistrum[45]
  • Imentet – An afterlife goddess closely linked with Isis and Hathor[46]
  • Imhotep –
Architect and vizier to Djoser, eventually deified as a healer god[47]

The East Semitic version of Astarte, occasionally mentioned in Egyptian texts[48]

  • Wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, linked with funerary rites, motherhood, protection, and magic. She became a major deity in Greekand Roman religion.[49]

  • Iusaaset – A female counterpart to Atum[50]
  • Khepri –
A solar creator god, often treated as the morning form of Ra and represented by a scarab beetle[51]

A ram god, the patron deity of Elephantine, who was said to control the Nile flood and give life to gods and humans[53]

A moon god, son of Amun and Mut[54]

A lion god, son of Bastet[55]

goddess who personified truth, justice, and order[56]

A predatory goddess said to destroy dangerous creatures[57]

  • Mandulis – A Lower Nubian solar deity who appeared in some Egyptian temples[58]
  • Mehit – A lioness goddess, consort of Anhur[59]

  • Menhit –
A lioness goddess[59]
A live bull god worshipped at Heliopolis as a manifestation of Ra[64]

  • Montu – A god of war and the sun, worshipped at Thebes[65]
  • Mut – Consort of Amun, worshipped at Thebes[66]
  • Nebethetepet – A female counterpart to Atum[67]
  • Nefertum – god of the lotus blossom from which the sun god rose at the beginning of time. Son of Ptah and Sekhmet.[67]
  • Nehebu-Kau – A protective serpent god[68]
  • Nehmetawy – A minor goddess, the consort of Nehebu-Kau or Thoth[69]
  • Neith – A creator and hunter goddess, patron of the city of Sais in Lower Egypt[70]
  • Nekhbet –
A vulture goddess, the tutelary deity of Upper Egypt[71]

A member of the Ennead, the consort of Set, who mourned Osiris alongside Isis[73]

  • Nu – Personification of the formless, watery disorder from which the world emerged at creation and a member of the Ogdoad[74]
  • Nut –
A sky goddess, a member of the Ennead[75]

god of death and resurrection who rules the underworld and enlivens vegetation, the sun god, and deceased souls[76]

A creator deity and god of craftsmen, the patron god of Memphis[78]

  • Qetesh – A goddess of sexuality and sacred ecstasy from Syria and Canaan, adopted into Egyptian religion in the New Kingdom[79]
  • Ra –
the foremost Egyptian sun god, involved in creation and the afterlife. Mythological ruler of the gods, father of every Egyptian king, and the patron god of Heliopolis.[80]

An agricultural goddess[82]

A lioness goddess, both destructive and violent and capable of warding off disease. The consort of Ptah and one of many forms of the Eye of Ra.[86]

  • Serapis – A Greco-Egyptian god from the Ptolemaic Period who fused traits of Osiris and Apis with those of several Greek gods. Husband of Isis who, like her, was adopted into Greek and Roman religion outside Egypt.[87]
  • Serket – A scorpion goddess, invoked for healing and protection[88]
  • Seshat – goddess of writing and record-keeping, depicted as a scribe[89]
  • Set –
An ambivalent god, characterized by violence, chaos, and strength, connected with the desert. Mythological murderer of Osiris and enemy of Horus, but also a supporter of the king.[90]

Personification of fate[91]

  • Shed – A god believed to save people from danger and misfortune[92]
  • Shesmetet – A lioness goddess[92]
  • Shezmu – A god of wine and oil presses who also slaughters condemned souls[93]
  • Shu –
embodiment of wind or air, a member of the Ennead[94]

Crocodile god, worshipped in the Faiyum and at Kom Ombo[96]

  • Sopdu – A god of the sky and of Egypt's eastern border regions[97]
  • Sopdet – 
Deification of the star Sirius[98]

Personification of the first mound of earth to emerge from chaos in ancient Egyptian creation myths[99]

Goddess of moisture and a member of the Ennead[101]

A moon god, and a god of writing and scribes, and patron deity of Hermopolis[102]

  • Tutu – An apotropaic god from the Greco-Roman era[103]
  • Unut –
A goddess represented as a snake or a hare, worshipped in the region of Hermopolis[104]

  • Wadjet – A cobra goddess, the tutelary deity of Lower Egypt[105]
  • Wadj-wer – Personification of the Mediterranean sea or lakes of the Nile Delta[106]
  • Weneg – A son of Ra who maintains cosmic order[106]
  • Wepwawet – A jackal god, the patron deity of Asyut, connected with warfare and the afterlife[107]
A goddess who protected the king[108]

A minor goddess of Thebes[109]

I hope you enjoyed this list. Hotep Melanin

Lyn Newkirk Lyn Newkirk Author

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