The Goddess Seshat - Merri-Amen Queen Of Marijuana

Was their some good hydro in Ancient Kemet? If so are the seeds still Floating around. Can you imagine smoking the Cannabis of our Ancestors. Not like that new European weed that their starting to Legalize in the states. You know. The stuff thats worse than Heroine. 

Well lets get back to some history. Our History. Sheshat the Goddess of Wisdom is Associated with Cannabis . The Queen is the Reason you still smoking today. They found ingested cannabis in mummies Like Your boy Ramses. Who Ruled around 12.13BC

Around 2000 BC it was documented that cannabis was used to treat sore eyes and cataracts. It is also claimed that Egyptian women used cannabis to relieve sadness and bad tempers.

With the versatility of this amazing plant, there is little wonder that the ancient Egyptians made good use of it.

As early as three hundred years before Christ there is evidence that hemp, from cannabis, was used by the Egyptians as a natural product in the production of paper, textiles and rope. The Egyptians also used it in the manufacture of sails and fine linen.

Reference to hemp was made in the ancient Egyptian writings on the Pyramids, and hemp material was found in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten who was married to Queen Nefertiti and was pharaoh of Egypt around 1353 BC

There is also evidence that hemp was used in the construction of the pyramids of ancient Egypt. They made rope out of it to pull blocks of limestone to the building site. And in the quarries the dried fiber was hammered into cracks in the rocks, then wetted. As it swelled, the rocks split and these smaller rocks were then transported to the pyramids. (Learn More)

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