Kmetic witchcraft from Ancient Egypt - Invocation to Sekhmet

Even though witches are today mostly associated with Halloween and the Salem witch trials, witches have been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians were known to practice various forms of witchcraft with a mathematical precision. Instead of fearing witches, the ancient Egyptians viewed them with reverence and as a necessity. A witch in ancient Egypt could be called upon to solve any number of problems facing an ordinary citizen.
In Pharaonic Egypt, the people who controlled the magic were the priests. They were the guardians of the knowledge bestowed upon humans by the Gods so that they could ward off the negative hands of fate. There were different levels of priests but it was the lector priests, those were able to read the ancient magic texts, that possessed the greatest magic. Lector priests were in charge of protecting the ruler and guiding the dead on their path to rebirth. There were also healing priests that would ward off the plague and lower priests who could rid the city of reptiles and insects.(Read More)

"Invocation to Sekhmet"

Behold, I smell the earth before the mighty one.
Behold how I have kept the vigil in the shrine of Sekhmet.
Behold, I am the child, the child of Sekhmet, the lady of the east.
I am with her. I am one with her.
I am Sekhmet and the flames of all those who praise her.
I am the hand of the powerful goddess, wearer of the solar disc. I am the twice beautiful one, more splendid than yesterday.
I am she who goes forth with Ra. I am she.
My hair is the hair of Sekhmet, the golden one. My eyes are the eyes of the lioness.
My ears are the ears of the goddess.
My nose is the nose of she who can sniff out all evil.
My  teeth are the fangs, which can devour the darkness
My neck is the neck of the divine goddess.
My hands are the hands with long claws.
My forearms are the forearms of the mighty one.
My backbone is golden and it shines with splendour
My  chest is the chest of the mighty one of terror.
Mybelly and back are the belly and back of Sekhmet.
My buttocks are strong, as the goddess .
My hips and legs are the hips and legs of the goddess
My feet are the clawed feet of the lion goddess.
There is no part of me that is not of the goddess.
I am Sekhmet who cometh forth in the dawn.
I am the power of Ra by day.
I shall not be dragged back by my arms and none shall lay violent hands upon me, lest I destroy them utterly.
Nether man nor god shall hurt me, nor shall the living,
Nor shall the holy dead detain me.
Nor shall the demons destroy me in battle, for I am Sekhmet
And I shall eat off their faces.
I am she who cometh forth.
I am yesterday and I am the seer of millions of years.
I am the power of the divine judge.  
I dwell in the east.
I am the lady of eternity, the unveiled one.
My name is created to defy all evil.
I am the flame that shineth in the sanctuary.
I am Sekhmet.

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