Egyptian Alchemy

African - Alchemy
Africans must remember who they really are. Alchemy is defined as a magical process of transformation, creation. For some it is the transmutation of base metal into gold or the research of a universal elixir. Those who were considered alchemists were the people who possessed the most advanced knowledge. 

The origin of the word is strongly tied to black Africans but many people tried later to give the credit to Arabs. The truth is that alchemy came from al-kimiya which means the science of KEMET. Kimiya came from Keme and Kmt meaning black in the ancient African civilization. The whole world knew that the masters of science, those who understood the universe were the black people of Africa. 

There is even a decree of Diocletian, written about 300 AD in greek that speaks against the ancient writings of Kemet that treated about khemia, the transmutation of gold and silver. We can see that by definition science was related to blackness and to Africa. Africa was seen as a land of greatness, knowledge and power. Nothing to do with what we are being told today. The time is now to go back to our true selves. YOU are the root of SCIENCE and KNOWLEDGE by definition. Knowledge is the key! Know thyself

Lyn Newkirk Lyn Newkirk Author