Is Egypt In Africa?

Cheikh Anta Diop said that. I still remember that lecture. And later in my journey I started to understand why He said that. Did you know that ancient Egypt is still today classified by most museums in the "oriental institute"?  While Sudan is classified in the African institute ? (By the way it is changing right now...) Most people ignore that. They made Kemet a semitic achievement. 

Most people will tell you that if you are looking for an African civilization go to Sudan. You will tell me that we already know that fact... Believe me, knowing is not enough. We have to talk about it. We have to complain. We have to make that truth louder because so many people still ignore these facts. Today, things are changing. We are fighting with the tools we have. On social media, on Youtube, in the comment sections...

 We are fighting back. We will suffocate them until they stop LYING about us. Kemet/ancient egypt IS BLACK and AFRICAN. The next step is to make them classify Kemet in the AFRICAN sections with all the Subsaharan civilizations and not with anything that came from the areas out of Africa in their museums. Yes, the country is occupied by oriental people today, but that civilization has been created by Indigenous AFRICANS who left or mixed due to the numerous invasions. We are changing that narrative, we are changing that image and we are giving it back to Africa, where it belongs... (Learn More)

Lyn Newkirk Lyn Newkirk Author