Who is Queen Ahhotep?

She ruled during the 18th dynasty. The Hyksos killed her husband and her first child who inherited the throne after his father’s assassination. It requires a lot of mental strength to keep fighting and end up liberating the country after all that. 

The country was constantly threatened during that period with Asiatic tribes trying to invade
and annihilate upper Kemet because they already controlled Lower Kemet, the Delta area (where can be found the great pyramid).⁣

⁣She is probably the reason why women of the 18th dynasty that will gain so much importance in the political world. She proved that women could be rule with strength and efficiency and face adversity even though though African women already possessed more power than all other women of that time in the world.⁣

⁣Her bravery will be celebrated and she will pave the way for other queens like Hatshepsut or Queen Tiye who also belong to the 18th dynasty.⁣

Lyn Newkirk Lyn Newkirk Author